1.1 These Terms and Conditions regulate the membership, access and use of the Customer Portal, provided by Sociedade Técnica de Equipamentos e Tractores, S.A. (hereinafter "STET, S.A.").

1.2 The access and use of the Customer Portal is governed by these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 These Terms and Conditions are supplemented and integrated, in all matters not foreseen in this document, by the Terms of Use of the STET's website (the "Website") and by the Privacy Policy of the Website.

1.4 In case of contradiction, inconsistency or inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any of the documents referred to in the preceding paragraph, the rules and conditions set out herein shall prevail.

2.1. The service called "Customer Portal" is made available by STET, S.A. to its Customers, upon registration of membership and consists of access to a web platform, on which the member can carry out various operations by using an accredited remote computer access.

2.2 Through the Customer Portal, and depending on the respective access profile, the Customer may

  1. View and manage their Fleet by consulting all telemetry, productivity, consumption and alert information.
  2. Consult detailed information on their equipment.
  3. Access directly the details of all the Financial and Invoicing documentation associated with your Contracts, Products or Services in progress.
  4. Have direct and easy access to requests for spare parts for your equipment.
  5. Visualise and coordinate, in real time, your Works in Progress.
  6. Manage their Guarantees directly on the Portal.

2.3 STET, S.A. reserves the right to change the scope of the services available through the Customer Portal service at any time and by simple prior notification.

3.1. The membership to the "Customer Portal" service assumes that the user is a Customer of STET, S.A. The membership is granted by STET, S.A. and has as a prior assumption the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions by the Customer and the attribution, by STET, S.A. of access to the Portal, according to a process that guarantees its confidentiality, as well as its unique and personal nature.

3.2 Access to the service will be via two access profiles:

3.2.1 Main Access - An element appointed by the company's representative, upon presentation of the permanent certificate code, the company's incorporation document or, a power of attorney that identifies him/her and unequivocally grants him/her powers for that purpose. For this purpose, the user must provide the NIPC of the legal entity represented, personal NIF, name and email address, which will be used in the context of providing the Customer Portal service;

3.2.2 Secondary Access - Secondary Access to the "Customer Portal" assumes the existence of the Primary Access, the latter having full control over the Secondary Access, being the responsibility of the Primary Access to manage this type of access to the portal. This includes adding and deleting users and managing passwords. 

3.3 The Customer, when in possession of the elements that allow him/her to access the system, is responsible for its correct use, being obliged to keep it completely confidential, as well as to take the necessary measures in order to prevent abusive use by third parties.

3.4. The Customer undertakes to notify STET, S.A. immediately by any means at his disposal whenever he becomes aware of incorrect, abusive or fraudulent use of this service, identifying, as far as possible, the causes and form of the anomalous use.

3.5. The Customer's access to the "Customer Portal" service may be temporarily or permanently cancelled whenever

  1. The Customer or any of the users designated by him/her fails to comply with the obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions;
  2. The Customer fails to comply with other obligations, whatever their source (legal, regulatory or contractual) relevant within the scope of the Commercial activity.
  3. STET. S.A. considers that the necessary security conditions are not met, namely in cases where there are several consecutive erroneous attempts to access the Customer Portal service.

3.6. The Customer is aware and authorizes STET, S.A. to make a record, in digital support or otherwise, of the accesses and of the instructions or communications made within the scope of this service, recognizing the validity of this record as a means of evidence for legal purposes.

3.7. STET, S.A. reserves the right to adopt, at any time, other complementary security measures it considers necessary and (i) there are reasonable doubts about the Customer's identification or (ii) the security of the communications or system is at stake.

4.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be in force from the date of registration by the Customer until the date of termination, by either party, of the Customer Portal service contract, or its expiration, as defined in section 5.

4.2. STET, S.A. may change the Terms and Conditions by written notice, including electronic notice, to be sent to the Customer at least thirty (30) days before the date on which the changes will take effect.

5.1. The Customer may terminate the access to the "Customer Portal" service, by written notice, by electronic means, to be sent to STET, S.A. with a minimum prior notice of 15 (fifteen) days on the date of its effects.

5.2 STET, S.A. may terminate access to the "Customer Website" service for reasons of security, force majeure or when there is an abusive use by any of the users registered by the Customer.

6.1 The way in which personal data will be handled by STET, S.A., as the responsible party, is explained in detail in the Privacy Policy available on STET's website.

6.2 The Customer has the right to request STET, S.A. to access the personal data concerning him/her, as well as their rectification or erasure, and the limitation of processing or to oppose processing, as well as the right to the portability of the data provided through the "Customer Portal".

7.1. The Customer acknowledges that the contents, page designs, images, graphics, logos, domains and trademarks constitute intellectual creations of STET, S.A. or third parties contracted by it, protected by intellectual property rights, copyright and the like, and therefore undertakes not to perform any act that may, under applicable law, constitute an infringement of such rights.

7.2 The Customer is not authorized, under any circumstances and by any means or support, to copy, reproduce, alter, distribute, disseminate, sell, assign, retransmit or make the contents and information available through the "Customer Portal" service accessible to third parties.

7.3 STET, S.A. has the right to change the content and configuration of the "Customer Portal" service at any time, without prior notice.

8.1. STET, S.A. will not be held responsible for any delays, interruptions, errors or any other inconveniences caused by factors beyond its control, namely, deficiencies proven to be caused by the telecommunications network, computer system, modems, connection software, electric current or internet access service.

8.2 The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the internet is a public network and, as such, STET, S.A. cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of the same, particularly in the event that the contents of orders are altered by unauthorised intervention by third parties.

8.3 The Customer assumes, except in the case of serious fault on the part of STET, S.A., all responsibility for damages resulting from losses, losses, delays, vitiations, falsifications and communication errors.

9.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted by the legislation in force in the Portuguese legal system, regardless of the place from which the subscription to the "Customer Portal" service is formalised.

9.2 For any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions, including its interpretation, implementation or termination, the competent court will be the one established in civil law.


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