Product Support

A customer support service is a more effective tool for our customers to feel confident when buying equipment. A service of excellence, quality, reliability and dedication is what makes us different and ensures that customers prefer the Caterpillar® brand and STET.

The STET Customer Support service has been recognized on multiple occasions by Caterpillar® because of its excellence both in handling day-to-day situations and in interaction with customers. A group of highly skilled and trained professionals who provide their services throughout national territory or wherever the customer is located, according to the extremely rigorous Caterpillar® criteria.

Count on STET to be at your side in all situations.

Fluid Analysis
Perform a regular check-up on the fluids of your equipment and avoid future problems.
Preventive Maintenance
Learn about our preventive maintenance programs and reduce operating costs.
Maintenance Contracts
Maintain the productivity of your equipment with maintenance contracts designed for you.
Technical Inspections
Inspect your machine with a specialist and reduce your equipment's downtime.
Fault Diagnosis
Diagnose the malfunction of your equipment with our expert technicians.
Repair Options
Repair your equipment before a malfunction occurs and reduce your maintenance costs.
Cylinders Rebuild Centre
Bring us your damaged cylinder and replace it with a remanufactured one.
Cat Certified Rebuild
Give you equipment new life using Cat Rebuild Programs.

Other Services

Learn about Cat® Financial's solutions.
Keep your equipment safe. Check out our Extended Protection Plans.
Find out more about our Training actions and align with Caterpillar quality requirements.