Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy
To use the features and optimize your browsing experience at our website (, we occasionally install small files called “cookies” in your computer or mobile device to improve its performance and your user experience. This page explains how we do this.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files which a website, when visited by a user, installs in the user’s computer or mobile device through the Internet browser.
What are cookies for?
Cookies allow a website to remember your browsing preferences and actions during a certain period of time. These files will make browsing faster and more efficient, eliminating the need to keep entering the same information.

Cookies do not collect any information to identify the user. Instead, they collect generic information such as your username, how you access and use the website, the area of the country/countries of access, your chosen browsing language and display settings.
What types of cookies do we use?
Our cookies can be divided into two different types:

1 - Session cookies, which only remain in the user’s browser during the visit, disappearing when the user leaves the website.

2 - Persistent cookies, which remain in the user’s browser for a given period of time after the user leaves the website, unless the user deletes them.
How do we use cookies?
The cookies used at our website have been classified into the following categories:

1 - Essential cookies, allowing browsing at our website and the use of its features.

2 - Performance cookies, to gage the effectiveness of our content, as well as users’ preferred means of using our website, monitoring its performance. We use performance cookies to find out which pages are the most popular, which connection method between pages is most effective, or why some pages may be receiving error messages. These cookies are used only for the purposes of statistical analysis and creation, without identifying any specific user, and to troubleshoot and correct any problems which may arise.

3 – Functionality cookies, which save user preferences on website use, to avoid having to reconfigure the website on every visit. The information saved is anonymous, and is intended only for the purposes described above.
How can cookies be controlled?
Users of our website agree to the installation of cookies in their computers or devices in accordance with the above terms, notwithstanding available means of control and management. After authorizing the use of cookies, users may always configure their computer to deactivate our cookies, partially or in whole. All Internet browsers allow users to accept, refuse or delete cookies using the browser's settings. Note that the removal or blocking of cookies may limit your user experience in terms of accessing certain website areas and features.
Agreement to these terms
Users of our website agree to the collection and use of their information as described in the Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy.
Updating of Legal Notice
STET reserves the right to make changes or corrections of any kind to this Cookie Policy. Please check this page regularly to review its information and learn about any new updates.

Last Update: 25 May 2018

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