07 Outubro 2021


When you rent to STET you’ll take advantage of many benefits which will improve your bottom line.

STET has rental solutions designed for your business, a complete range of machines, worktools and generators sets. Whatever your application, we have the right solution.

The flexibility each job requires demands the best and most advanced equipment in order to obtain the maximum performance and productivity from the operation, this is what defines our commitment with quality and service support.
We have customized solutions tailored to each application, a commercial and service network throughout our territory and our commitment with continuity, together with a multi-specialized technicians team with whom we guarantee the best platform for you to obtain the highest productivity and maximum profit from your business.

 + Access to team of specialized technicians
 + Equipment replacement, if necessary
 + Maintenance service included

 + Access to team of specialized technicians
 + Equipment replacement, if necessary
 + Maintenance service included


->We bring you 6 good reasons why you should rent us:

  • Gain Access to the Latest Technology : At STET, we’re constantly upgrading our Rental fleet to provide you access to the latest technology and newer, more efficient models.



  • No Repair Costs: With Rental Equipment there is no need for your own workshops, helping you reduce your operating and maintenance costs.



  • Flexibility to support your demand: Access to quality equipment when you need it most, to support you in those unplanned and emergency situations.


  • The right equipment for the job: Our rental team works with you to select the right Rental Equipment to suit your project, helping you be more productive and keeping you safe.

  • Control project costs: Cost your project in detail, paying for equipment when you need it and helping you budget effectively, resulting in improved profitability.

  • Improve Your Cash Flow: Renting helps release capital and removed associated charges, allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.




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