24 Novembro 2020

Cat’s 352 UHD can quickly demolish buildings up to 9 storeys

Caterpillar’s 352 UHD Ultra High Demolition excavator is designed to tackle difficult demolition of tall structures using a range of Cat demolition attachments.

As well, the UHD front can be switched for a straight or bent (retrofit) boom position for lower-level demolition and earthmoving applications.
The switch typically requires about 15 minutes and two people with no special tool required. Furthermore, the 352 UHD features a hydraulically activated, variable-gauge undercarriage, as well as the Cat Active Stability Monitoring system, which continuously informs the operator of work tool position within a safe working range and warns when approaching stability limits.

In the UHD configuration, the 352 UHD delivers 28 metres of vertical height to the work tool attachment pin, and 15.8 metres of horizontal reach, when working with a 3.7 tonne tool. This allows the 352 UHD to quickly demolish structures that are eight or nine stories high, with precision and control thanks to the electro-hydraulic control system.

The undercarriage gauge is 4 metres to optimize stability, and 3 metres for transport with 60 cm track shoes.
For retrofit straight boom configuration, the 352 UHD uses a 9.1-metre retrofit boom with a choice of 2.9-metre or 3.35-metre retrofit stick. Equipped with the longer stick and a 3.08 cubic metre bucket, the 352 UHD has a digging depth of 6.7 metres and a maximum reach at ground level of nearly 12 metres.


The Cat demolition cab
The Cat demolition cab features a falling objects guard structure (FOGS) and includes front and roof laminated glass with a P5A impact rating.
The cab tilts 30 degrees for an optimum line of sight to the work tool and for a more productive, more comfortable working position for the operator. 
The windshield and roof glass feature one-piece, parallel wipers with three intermittent settings with washer spray. A heated and cooled seat is standard. 
The left console tilts up for easy cab entry and exit, while advanced viscous mounts reduce cab vibration up to 50 per cent, compared with previous excavator models, and controls are easily accessed.

The 352 UHD is equipped with rearview and right-hand sideview cameras as standard. The machine is also able to accept a work-tool camera, which can be installed by the Cat dealer with a kit. The standard radio has USB ports and Bluetooth technology to connect personal devices and to make hands-free calls.
In the cab, each joystick button can be programmed, including power mode, response and pattern, and these settings can be recalled using appropriate operator identification.
An automatic hydraulic oil warmup feature quickly brings the system to operating temperature and helps prolong component life. A high resolution 25 cm touchscreen monitor allows fast navigation, including operating and maintenance tutorials.




Cat C13 engine
The 352 UHD is powered by the Cat C13 engine, rated at 408 hp, and meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. As well, the C13 is capable of operating on biodiesel up to B20. 
Operators can also match machine performance to the task with three power modes, while a new high efficiency, hydraulic, reversing fan cools the engine on demand to help reduce fuel consumption.
When using the retrofit boom, the machine can use the Cat Grade with 2D grade control system, swing e-fencing and the Cat Payload on-board weighing system. The payload system can be used with the VisionLink online telematics interface to remotely manage production targets via the machine’s Product Link.


352 UHD maintenance
Ground-level hydraulic oil checks and fuel system water drains speed routine service. Filter life and maintenance intervals can be tracked via the in-cab monitor. All fuel filters can be changed at a synchronized 1,000 hours, and oil and fuel filters are grouped on the right-hand side of the machine for easy access.
The engine air intake filter with precleaner has double the dust holding capacity of the previous filter, and the hydraulic oil filter provides improved filtration performance, and anti-drain valves to keep oil clean when the filter is replaced at a 3,000-hour interval. Oil sampling ports simplify maintenance and allow for easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis.



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