30 Julho 2020



Cat® Motor Graders are industry leaders as multifaceted machines, they are extremely versatile. They can be used for final leveling work, mixing materials, digging and trenching, snow removal and slope preparation. Whatever the task, there is always a CAT® Motor Grader to handle it.

We announce that the next generation of Cat® Motor Graders has simplified its nomenclature, but quality and technology remain the same.

Here you can see the new names of CAT® Motor Graders.



Small Motor Graders are units that are often used by public agencies, cities or towns to perform street and road maintenance work. They are also used by construction companies for various tasks, such as building roads, car parks and sports facilities, and levelling land for building construction.

The advantage of size on the Motor Grader is its ability to move smoothly in narrow areas. Small CAT® Motor Graders can be controlled by a joystick or by a steering wheel and lever. If you are looking for the ideal balance between maneuverability and performance, this CAT® Motor Grader fits your needs perfectly.

With the larger CAT® Motor Graders, you have the power and length of the blade to move large quantities of material and perform leveling quickly and efficiently. Their high blade capacity and speed make them the ideal machines to clear snow or remove landslides from roads in record time. The combination of weight and power allows them to make their way through hard, highly compacted materials such as mine access roads.



The next generation of CAT® Motor Graders is designed for your needs. Up to 15% better fuel efficiency when combined with standard ECO mode to further benefit your business.


Choose to work with joysticks or traditional controls, with steering wheel and levers. After 45 years of evolution behind you, the steering wheel and control levers are familiar to many operators. The control console adjusts to the operator's preferences. The option to integrate automatic levelling switches and control buttons in the levers puts everything within reach. The joystick controls reduce hand and arm movement by up to 78%, which means working without the extra fatigue of additional arm movement. The technological options are integrated in the joysticks for natural movement. The angled cab with joystick offers better blade visibility.


Operator's cab

The new cab offers unprecedented operator comfort. Available seat options include air suspension, heating and cooling with air-adjustable side supports. The efficient cooling and heating system dehumidifies and pressurizes the cab, while allowing air circulation, preventing dust ingress and keeping windows clear.

The cab design improves visibility with its adjacent rear windows and features different seating options and a new information screen. This system can be complemented with the CAT® Detect vision system. The 10 inch (254 mm) easy to read colour monitor or touch screen displays machine information and allows control of CAT® GRADE technology.

Maintenance Features

The new filtering system reduces the usual operating costs by up to 15%. Longer service intervals for the engine, hydraulic and transmission oil filters allow the new generation of CAT® Motor Graders to be more active at work for longer. The filters are grouped together for easy access and faster preventive maintenance before moving on to the next task.

The sliding blade drive crown clutch protects the pinion drive and crown teeth from damage.
The Circle Saver option reduces daily lubrication requirements and prevents costly crown and pinion repairs. The lubrication connection is easily accessible and easy to maintain.

Save up to 20% in labor due to easy location of wear plates and use the top drawbar crown option for maximum adjustment and leveling accuracy.

Productivity and Leveling Control

CAT® GRADE scalable technologies offer levelling control options to customers with different requirements and budgets, but always with the aim of enabling operators to work faster and more accurately and thus improve their productivity.

Examples of CAT® GRADE technologies are Cross Slope, Cross Slope Indicate, Digital Blade Slope Meter, and the Attachment-Ready option, which complement each other with leveling control technologies. In addition, the optional Stable Blade system automatically slows down the machine if its oscillation could adversely affect leveling.


The all-wheel drive system includes a slow mode with only the front wheels for more precise leveling. The all-wheel drive option is involved in moving and manoeuvring loose material. The increased power allows you to tackle the toughest terrain and improve productivity. From rippers to blades, the wide range of CAT® accessories increases the versatility of the machine. Each is designed to meet the requirements of increased performance, safety and stability. The standard secondary steering system increases operator safety by automatically activating in the event of a drop in pressure from the main pump
Discover the new CAT® 120 Motor Grader




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