23 Julho 2020


Now is the moment: The first backhoe of the new Cat® series is already working in Spain, more specifically in Cantabria.
There is no better way to debut this series than with the largest model in the range of this new edition of backhoe loaders, the 444.

In addition, Spain was the first European country to deliver to a Customer the first machine of the seventh generation of Trinity series backhoe loaders.

Our Client José Ángel Pérez trusted the TESYA Group and Caterpillar when purchasing this unit.

José Ángel has been working on his own for more than 20 years, has an extensive experience in the sector and is perfectly aware of all the features a backhoe must have in order to meet his expectations and carry out work with quality.

This quality and high reliability are characteristic of his work and for this reason, his Customers fully trust in his work.

It is a pride that Mr. José Ángel has placed all confidence in us and our machines, knowing that he is an experienced operator of these machines who knows perfectly all the possibilities that they can offer.

For us it is a very emblematic delivery, as there are several aspects to highlight:
• It is the first backhoe of this series sold in Europe
• Unit number 8,080 sold in Spain
• 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of the manufacture of the first Cat® backhoe
• It was in 1985 when the first Cat® backhoe left the factory, and since then, more than 350,000 units have been sold worldwide.

We had the opportunity to speak in a very pleasant way with Mr. José Ángel, this was a conversation in which we learned a lot and from which we draw very good conclusions about the performance of 444.

Commenting on the features that attracted the most attention, we highlight the new positioning of joysticks on the seat: “With the joysticks on the seat, it is possible to work much faster, moving the seat in various positions, comfort is remarkable when it comes to work in ditches or in difficult places ”.

Seat-mounted joysticks allow operators to work more accurately than ever, with minimal effort. The seat can be oriented towards the front bucket or the backhoe, or also between the two, with the seat in an intermediate position.
In dual mode, the operator can orient the seat towards the front bucket and control the accessories of the backhoe and vice versa. By incorporating the joysticks on the seat, we create more legroom, storage and rear visibility.

We also highlight the power of the machine, which for José is very important.

This is due to the Cat C3.6 engine. (which meets EU STAGE V emissions standards) which consumes up to 10% less fuel, offering the same power and torque.


In addition, the after-treatment system is passive, maintenance-free.

Regarding the new touch screen of the control panel, he mentions that it is very useful to be able to configure all the parameters of the machine: The system mounted on the controls of the machine offers many options of speed, flow, quickness ... "On the control panel, with a large display screen, the operator can control:

• Power management modes: Eco, Standard or Standard Plus
• Control modes for the operator: electro-hydraulic controls allow the operator to optimize the machine according to his preferences / experiences or adapt to the work required at each moment: response adjustments and retro modulation.

"The 444's cab is very spacious and facilitates the fast movements required by the daily work of a backhoe."

In this sense, when we see José Ángel operating, we see the importance of the cabin being wide and not making it difficult to transition from the front to the retro bucket and vice versa.

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