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Cat® oils are developed, tested and approved to meet the strict requirements of our customers. Each oil was specifically designed to offer superior protection and to maximize component service life and can be used in various applications and components.

  + Axle and Final Drive - For trucks, track-type tractors, pipelayers and forestry tractors
  + Diesel Engine and Natural Gas - Protects diesel engines of earthmoving, commercial and marine equipment and trucks
  + Gear - For manual transmissions, differentials and final drives, in addition to joints from Cat® lubricated track joints
  + Synthetic Gear - For direct transmissions, differentials,
final drives and Cat® lubricated track joints
  + Hydraulic Fluid - For protection of hydraulic system components
  + Specialty - For rear axles of Backhoe Loaders
  + Transmission and Powertrain Oil - For transmissions, final drives, brakes and hydraulic compartments.

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